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media filter cut-away view
PEP MEDIA FILTERS operate using a proprietary media sieved and polished to provide consistent, accurate particulate removal from a flow source. While PEP manufactures several designs of media filters, the primary method of operation is very similar. Liquid enters the vessel over the top of the media, flows down and through the media bed, and out an underdrain system. While the systems can be manual, PEP's forte is automated, self-cleaning, pre-packaged, skid-mounted filtration systems.

As the liquid travels through the media, contaminants are trapped between the individual beads of media. The media is specifically selected to provide reliable, consistent levels of particulate removal. As the void spaces are filled with dirt, the pressure differential across the media increases. Once the differential pressure reaches a preset level, a backwash is initiated. The valves reverse themselves, and flow enters below the media flow upward and out of the vessel, taking trapped contaminant with it and to the drain. The backwash duration depends on the type of filter in operation. When the backwash is complete, the valves move back to the forward flow (filtration) mode.

  • Flows from 17 gpm
  • Pressures to 600 psi
  • Fiberglass, carbon steel, or stainless steel construction
  • ASME code vessels available
  • Variety of coatings available
  • UL panels standard
  • Skid-mounted single point utility connections
  • Filtration as low as 0.5 micron
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